ICSE Class 10 Physics Papers


Indian Council of Secondary Education or ICSE is a centralised board like CBSE, but it is not controlled directly by the government. ICSE is a reputed board and is famous for its excellent standard of education. Many schools are affiliated to this board throughout the length and breadth of the country. ICSE conducts class 10 examinations which tests the thorough understanding and knowledge of the individual candidates.

The class 10 papers are set to access the overall understanding of the students and as far as Physics papers are concerned special emphasis is given to assess the students Physics concepts and numerical solving skills. Thus, students should make efforts in solving the numericals as well as in grasping the concepts. Before going for exams, students should make sure that they have practised enough to complete the whole paper in the stipulated time.

ICSE Physics question papers contains 80 marks questions which are divide into two sections each of 40 marks. The stipulated time for the completion of paper is 90 mins. First Sections contains four 10 marks questions which are compulsory and are set from the entire syllabus. Section sections contains six 10 marks questions, but a student is required to answer only 4 out of those 6. In total there are 10 questions of which only 8 is to be answered. Thus, a student can score a maximum mark of 80.

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