ICSE Class X Computer Application Papers


The exam is held every year by ICSE. The main motive of the exam is to make the students able to create their own applications. The exam also aims to increase the efficiency of the students and to widen the horizon of their thoughts, to inculcate creativity in them, to increase their knowledge and to improvise their work quality. The curriculum is such that the students get an idea of the World Wide Web. This way they become exposed to vast knowledge and can communicate with academic communities throughout the world. The students are also taught to process numbers and words, to do analysis of data and to use the computer resources effectively. The course also aims to give the students an idea of the ethics involved in computing field.

The pattern of the exam is given below.

The exam is in two parts- one written paper and internal assessment. The written paper is of time duration 2 hours and carries a total of 100 marks. The Internal Assessment also carries a total of 100 marks.

The written paper is divided in two sections.

Section A carries 40 marks. It consists of short answer type questions and covers the whole syllabus.

Section B carries 60 marks. It consists of long answer type questions. There will be choice of questions.

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