ICSE Class X History and Civics Papers


The exam of class 10 history and civics is held every year by ICSE. The subject has an aim to provide the students with the understanding of the working of the Government of India so that the students can become responsible citizens of the world’s largest democracy. The course also aims to awaken the understanding within the students of the various factors which have had immense contributions in the shaping of the culture and civilization of India and also that of the world.

The pattern of the ICSE Class X History and Civics examination is given below:

The paper is of two hours duration and carries a total of 80 marks. 20 marks are for Internal Assessment. So the total of the whole exam is 100.the paper is divided in two parts.

Part I carry 30 marks and consist of short questions. The questions are set to cover the entire syllabus. All questions are to be answered.

Part II carries 50 marks and consists of two sections. Section A consists of three questions out of which two are to be answered. Section B consists of five questions out of which three are to be answered. These sections correspond to the sections which are indicated by the syllabus.

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