Indian Council of Secondary Education (ICSE) Board Exam Books


The class 10 board of ICSE is one of the most important exams that permit the candidates to attain board certificates of Secondary level. There are various popular books that are to be consulted by the individual candidates, but only few of them match the basic mind frame. The book that are to be consulted should also cover the entire syllabus in the most lucid manner and should particularly stress on the buildup of concepts rather than learning the entire chapters blindfolded.

The candidates are also to be consulted various Mock Test Papers that are to be consulted that will help to create the high confidence level that help them to fetch excellent marks in the final exam. The candidates should also pay attention to the book that particularly covers the various questions that have come in the previous questions paper. There are also book that cover the various probable examples and probable subjective questions that may come in the ensuing year. The list of the books that are to be consulted during the preparation of the exam is:

Oswal- A Text Book of Chemistry

A text Book of Chemistry- Part 1 and Part 2: Author -Viraf. J. Dalal

Oswal- A Text Book of Mathematics

Oswal- A Text Book of Physics

Oswal- A Text Book of Biology

Chapter wise Solutions- Evergreen Publisher

Mock Test Paper- Frank Publishers

Ten years ICSE questions- Goyal Publishers

These books if studied properly will help the candidates to fetch high marks in the exam and help them score high. The candidates should also make it a point to study the various mock test papers as well as ten years question paper. These will help the candidates to get a glimpse of the pattern of the questions.



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    saloni sinha:

    can u pls suggest me some good computer science books that i should refer for my icse class 10 board exams….pls reply fast…thankyou…

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    bhuvnesh gaur:

    sir i want to work as a writer of maths

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    please tell me about the concession process in tenth icse board exam and also scribe process.

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    We need to get the application form to get the NOC.
    Plase inform us early as possible.

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    explan about working of heart?

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    Abhishek Awasthi:

    how i am download physics book of goyals brother by the pdf file

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    i have given my 12 boar exams ,i want to do retoatalling of marks but date is over so can it be done?

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    What are the most prefered books for icse 10th class?

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    from which website i can download icse text books?plz suggest me

  11. 10
    full address of ICSE Board:

    full address of ICSE Boad

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    ramesh ray:

    please give information about the class 10 examination for oriya. my sister in law is ICSE certificate holder of 10th(without oriya). she wants to appear in the subject oriaya in the 10th Exam.she had already applied for the same, but no information has been received.

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    Sanjay Kumar:

    Please send us the detail of books of library science

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    I m passed in 1 0 but with poor marks and i want to improve in all subjects i can give boards with 11th

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    from which website i can download icse text books?plz suggest me

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    Mr shaikh:

    my child goes to daimond jubilee high school Mazagaon mumbai maharashrta since last four year school say they will get affiliation from ICSE council but till now they have not got affiliation now my child is in VIII standard please guide me regarding school or show us the way ?

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    IF my weight is 60kg at earth then how much my weight will on moon !

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    Abhishek joshi:

    can you please suggest me a good English literature book to be studied while preparing for the exams ?please reply.Thank you

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    may i know that while doing a program in blue java simple java program will fetch more marks or by doing a program by buffered reader will fetch more marks. please suggest me that which type is generaly wanted.
    please rpy me. thank you.

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    The number of atoms in a certain volume of hydrogeb is twice the number of atoms in the same vokume of helium at the same temperature and pressure. Why?