ICSE Class X Chemistry Exam Papers


The exam for class X chemistry is held every year by the Indian Council of Secondary Education. The course of the subject aims to provide the students with the knowledge of concepts, terms, principles and techniques relevant to the subject. It also has the aim to inculcate in the students the ability so that they can apply the principles of the subjects in not so familiar conditions. The course is such that the students can develop among themselves scientific attitude and problem solving ability and also they can handle scientific instruments and apparatus properly.

The pattern of the exam is given below:

The chemistry exam is one of the scoring ones. There is only one paper carrying 80 marks. Rest 20 marks are of Internal Assessment of Practical work. The duration of the paper is one and a half hours.

The paper has two sections. Both the sections carry 40 marks.

Section I is compulsory and consists of short answers covering the entire syllabus. Section II consists of 6 questions in all. Four questions out of these six are to be answered.

Candidates are required to study all the chemical reactions with reference to equation, conditions, observations, reactants and products.

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    Iron has valency 2 and 3. When iron react directly with chlorine what is the valency of iron in resulting compound?

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    The metals of Group 2 from top to bottom are: Be, Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba.Which of these metals will form ions most readily and why?

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    water is added to the product formed, when alluminium is burnt in a jar of nitrogen gas; what will be observed?

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    Keerti kanak:

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