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For all students class 10 is the first major stepping stone for their career as it is the first crucial examination that any student faces. Based on its results, the student chooses any specific stream of study.

There are different boards like ICSE, CBSE and State Boards offering this exam and ICSE board or Indian Certificate of Secondary Education tests the students in eight subjects in class 10.

Various Coaching Institutes:


With nearly 201 offices in 105 cities, it provides coaching for entrance examinations and known particularly for training students by keeping with the pattern of ICSE class 10 syllabus and producing exemplary results. For further enquiries you can contact registered office at

95B, 2nd floor,

Siddamsetty Complex,

Park Lane,

Secunderabad - 500 003.



With its excellent team of dedicated faculty members, the institute provides remarkable coaching for ICSE class 10 examinations

For more details you can visit www.brilliant-tutorials.com

Or contact 12 Masilamani Street,



India - 600 017

Pattern of ICSE Class 10:

The ICSE class 10 examination papers are of total 80 marks and 20 marks are kept for internal assessments and projects of the candidates. The duration of the examination is kept 3 hours. There are a few papers of full 100 marks like Mathematics. The pattern of the ICSE class 10 papers is basically quite interesting. The paper is basically divided in to two parts. The first section is compulsory which has small questions in it, and the second section has long and detailed questions but is provided with many choices. Here we are giving sample paper for ICSE. This will help you for better result.

Eligibility for ICSE class 10:

Usually the student has to continue in the same school as far as class 9 and class 10 is considered to get the continuity. But in genuine cases, admission to class 10 is given if the student has completed class 9 successfully from a recognized board.

For further details visit www.cisce.org or write to [email protected]

ICSE is one of the most reputed and renowned board of India. It is also a centralized board but is not under government direct control. ICSE is known for maintaining a par excellence standard in its education, which makes it quite popular and that is the reason that many schools all over the country are affiliated to ICSE. The ICSE class 10 examinations are said to be one of the best examples of examinations that can test the thorough knowledge of the candidates. The papers are set with proper care to test the knowledge of candidates in all factors.



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