ICWAI Cost And Management Accounting Papers


Topics taught in this paper:

This paper is basically related to the deeper concepts of cost management and other related aspects as Value Analysis, By- Product cost accounting, reverse cost method, reorder quantity, financial profit and costing profit, cost variance, sales ratio etc.

Time and Marks allotted:

The total time allowed to solve this paper is of three hours and the maximum marks that could be secured in this paper are 100.

Paper Pattern:

The medium of the examination is English. There are total 8 questions in this paper. The question paper is a mixed one of objective and subjective type questions. There are some objective type questions which are of fill in the blanks or true- false statement. There are some questions to write short notes on it. There are some choices provided in this paper. Question no. 1 is the compulsory one and 5 more questions are required to be answered in the rest of the 7 questions. There is no negative marking scheme in this paper.

Questions are from:

The questions are generally from the topics like value analysis, reorder quantity, financial profit and costing profit etc.

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    treatment of obsolete materials in non integrated accounts(cost accounting) when that obsolete materials are resold , awaiting despatch.
    need an urgent reply within 2-3 hours

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    how much does icwai costs? and what is the length period for doing icwai?