IETE AMIETE-ET(Old Scheme) Numerical Analysis & Computer Programming Papers


Paper pattern:

The paper has a total of 7 questions. These questions are divided into 3 sections. Section A consists of one question only. This question is mandatory and the candidates have to attempt the question. Section B consists of one question too. Section C consists of 5 questions. The students are required to attempt any 3 question from them. The questions from Section A and Section B are divided into many sub questions and divisions. These sub questions are given because they are easy to solve. The number of sub-questions for each section is 3 to 4 in number.

Time limit and marks allocated:

The time assigned for answering the question paper is 3 hours. It should be completed within this time limit. Hence, the students are advised to manage their answering time well so that they can complete within this time only.

Full marks allotted for the question paper is 3 hours. Students need to know that the marks are divided according to the questions. They should answer the questions accordingly.

Marks distribution:

The marks of the questions are provided at the right hand side of the corresponding questions. The marks are provided according to the questions hence answer must be given according to the marks provided. Section B carries 32 marks. The rest of the marks are distributed unequally amongst the two sections.

Points to remember:

  • You should be well versed with your course before you sit for the examination.
  • The question paper demands derivations as well as programming skills hence the students must have them on their finger tips.
  • You must manage your time well. Good time management is the key better scoring.
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