Sathyabama University-B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering-4th Sem Mathematics-IV Papers


As already known, mathematics is a very essential paper in engineering. Engineering cannot be imagined with mathematics paper, such is the importance of mathematics. Mathematics is a very demanding sector and hence good knowledge of engineering begins and ends with good numerical solving skills. Mathematics is not only required as a sole subject bit it finds application in other subjects like physics, chemistry, computer science, etc. hence this subject and paper should be given its due importance. If a student is a pro at numerical solving, he will face no problem in scoring good marks in engineering too. Hence they must make it a point to practice well and score good marks in this subject.

Overview of the paper:

The paper is divided into three basic parts. These Parts are: Part A, Part B, Part C. Part A consists of multiple choice questions which are 12 in number, out of these 12 questions, the candidate is required to attempt any ten.. Part B consists of 4 questions which are short answer types. The candidates must attempt 3 out of the four questions. Part C has 5 questions which are long answer type. Out of these five questions, the candidate must attempt 3 questions. The questions in Part B as well as in Part C are subdivided.

Total marks and time allotted:

The total marks that this question paper carries 70 marks. The total time allotted for solving the question paper is 3 hours. The students must maintain the time limit in order to score good marks in the paper. This means that their numerical solving skill should be quick and perfect.

Marks distribution:

As already stated, the question paper is divided into three parts. Part A carries 10 marks for ten multiple choice questions. Part B needs 3 questions to be answered which carry 5 marks each.  The third part, Part C carries 10 marks each for 3 questions. This means that it carries a total of 30 marks.

Note to students:

The students know that this paper consists of numerical only. Hence they must prepare numerical in such a way that they can complete the lengthy paper within 3 hours. Quick numerical solving skill is necessary to solve the question paper within stipulated time.

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