IGNOU Masters In English British Drama Papers


The Masters in English – British Drama Paper of IGNOU is a 100 mark paper to be answered in the total time duration of three hours. The first question is a compulsory one. The student is expected to write any four more questions after this. There are internal choices with each question. Most of the questions carry 20 marks. All questions are from topics mentioned in the syllabus itself. There are questions based on critical evaluation of a work, debate and discussion, short notes, reference to context, etc.

The word limit for each question is given alongside the question itself. The paper is an interesting one if you are well read and possess adequate knowledge of the works of various playwright with the correct context of the production of the work. The paper mainly aims to test the reasoning, writing and analytical skills of the examinee in addition to critical writing and analyzing abilities. Make sure to stick to the word limit provided to you as it may turn out to be a lengthy paper. Refer to other model question papers to know the kind of questions asked in the exam and the most popular or important works or playwrights covered.

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    Dear All Do You Have Upcoming (Nov/Dec 2012) M.A English exams guess Papers?

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    i want t6o do phd in mgmt

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    sailen dutta:

    plot construction of the Shaw’s play Pygmalion