IGNOU Masters in English-American Literature Papers


The IGNOU Masters in English American Literature Paper is one of the English exams conducted by the University. As it is a two year course, there are a total of 4 exams that are conducted in the two year period in the months of June and December.

The paper of the American Literature has the code MEG-6 . The total marks of the paper is 100. The total time duration of the paper is three hours. There are no sections in the paper whatsoever. However we cannot rule out the possibility that the format of the paper can change at any exam. Usually the format that has been followed consists of direct eight questions numbered 1 to 8. Each and every question carries 20 marks. The first question is the one that is compulsory and from the rest 7 questions you have the leverage to do any four questions.  The questions as they carry 20 marks are long type questions and need a very deep writing about it. The questions are usually the Discuss and the Write a critical note type of questions. There also has been a question like compare and contrast two stories or two traditions of the literature that has been followed.

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    please give me one suggestion. i am little confused i have done my master in English 1st year in 2011. now 2013 can i done my MEG 2 in this year.my publisher not suggest me yet.i have submit my MEG 2 fees and i have also submit my assignment also so please help me.i want to give my exam of MEG 2 in this session 2013 December. please give me better suggestion as soon as possible.

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    krishna chattopadhyay:

    If i complete the M.A course in English-American literature,would i be eligible for net examination?