PTU MBA Accounting For Management Papers


The MBA in Accounting for Management paper is the third paper in semester 1. The total marks for the same is 100 with 60 marks for external exams exam and 40 for internal ones. The external exams will be conducted by two examiners form outside. The question paper for Accounting for Management will comprise of two parts Part A and Part B.

Part A shall have 15 questions of 40 to 60 words answer. Each question carries a weight of two marks. Part B shall have 12 long answer questions. Each question will be of five marks. The paper will encompass all the contents of the syllabus in a uniform manner. The syllabus has three sections. The first part has 5 questions from each of the sections and the second part has four.

The students are required to answer all questions from the first part and 9 out of 12 questions from the second part. The topics for section 1 include introduction to accounting, section 2, financial analysis and section 3 includes cost accounting. The paper may have internal choices for some questions. The time duration of the paper is three hours just like the others.

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    syed rizwan:

    hello sir my name is syed rizwan am doing M.B.A in first semister i have a question regarding Accounting for management am finding difficulty to deal with problems except TRIAL BALANCE they have ask out of syllabus and also i wanted to know how much marks will appears for problems. also give the notes of all the 5 subject because in our college faculties are inexperienced they no knowledge at all please help and please provide me the notes of all the five subjects.

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    somya mathur:

    explan the conservation.