Indian Statistical Services Statistics- 2 Papers


Topics to be studied:

The topics that are to be studied in this particular paper are generally related to the matrix, limits, functions, successive differentiation, etc.

Paper is divided into:

The entire paper is separated into two sections: Section A and Section B.

Time And Marks Allotted

The Statistics- 2 paper of the Indian Statistical Services is one such subject which is related to the mathematical aspects of the statistics and its other related aspects. You would be given 3 hours to write the paper, which has a maximum mark of 200. Each question of the paper carries equal marks. There are total 8 questions in this paper.

Paper Pattern

As already mentioned above, this paper has two sections. Each section of the question paper contains 4 questions. The questions 1 and 5 of this paper are the compulsory one. 1 question is necessary from each of the section and the rest of the three questions can be attempted from any of the sections. The medium of the question paper is English. There are also scheme of special marks for the candidates whose answers will be to the point. Instructions are mentioned on the first page of the question paper to write the question no. of the related questions clearly in the margin provided in the answer sheet. Candidates are required to mention the assumptions made by them clearly.

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