Indian Statistical Institute JRF in Statistics Papers


The Indian Statistical Institute offers JRF or Quality, Reliability and Operations Research course in Statistics paper. ISI is a very reputed organization and very few people get a chance of studying in this institution. Only the meritorious students who have put into lots of labour to get into this institute get to study here.

Division of the paper:

There are two parts of the paper, RQRI and RQRII. Both of the parts of the paper are compulsory to attempt by the individual candidates.

Paper Pattern:

The first part of the paper carries a total of thirty objective based questions. Each question has a total of four options, and candidates have to choose any one. There are a total of twenty objective based questions from the Mathematics part, and two Objectives based question from five different parts of the syllabus. The part II of the paper has a maximum of eighteen questions. There are three different main questions, belonging from six different modules of the syllabus, including Mathematics. Candidates have to choose any two from these six modules. One of the modules in the second part belongs to Mathematics. Other five modules are from other modules of the syllabus.


There are a total of one hundred marks in both of the paper.

Time allotted for the examination:

Each of the two papers in the course offers a maximum of two hours as time duration to complete the paper.

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