Jobs in Airlines Sector


The aviation industry has now opened up several new job profiles. Numerous job profiles are available in this field. While some required candidates who are experienced, some take in freshers. There are many avenues in this industry which interested students can opt for. The job opportunities presented ranges from customer support and regulation of traffic to aviation administration & cockpit resource management.

Some of the jobs require a considerable amount of training, whilst the others are made accessible at the entry level. Candidates will be able to choose their work environment according to their preference. As there are several aviation companies that belong to both the private as well as public sectors, plentiful job opportunities are available for aspirants.

Different Jobs in Airlines Sector

The two types of airline jobs are flying & non-flying jobs. Job profiles are:

  • Aircraft Pilot
  • Cabin Crew
  • Flight Steward/Stewardess
  • Flight Technician
  • In-flight Mechanic
  • In-flight Medical Doctor
  • In-flight Nurse
  • In-flight Security
  • Non-flying Jobs:
  • Air Freight Agent
  • Aircraft Fueler
  • Airline Tickets Reservation
  • Aviation Engineer
  • Cargo Agent
  • Customer Service Job
  • Driver
  • Front Office Jobs
  • Ground Crew Job
  • Ground Station Attendant
  • Human Resource Executive
  • Immigration Officer
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Marketing Personnel
  • Operations Manager
  • Passenger Service Agent
  • Reservation Sales Agent
  • Sales Representative
  • Security Agent
  • Security Personnel
  • Station Attendant
  • Station Manager

Pay scale of Airlines Sector Jobs

Individuals who are employed at the airline sector are usually well paid. But, the range of the salary will vary from airline to airline. In our country, the stipend of a trainee starts from Rs. 8000. With experience of 2 – 4years, they will make as much as Rs. 20000 – 1, 00000 a month. Commercial pilots will make around Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 150,000 a month. Their salary will depend upon their experience as well as the airline they are working with.

The salary in the aviation sector is also dependent on several other parameters. They are:

  • Type of travelling - Domestic/International
  • The number of hours the individual spend flying.

Pros about Airlines Sector Jobs

The biggest perk pilots or any other person in the aviation industry will get is that they will get the chance to visit many places. Apart from this, they will also be given a free ticket (s) to go to places of their choice. Besides from being a very attractive job, the salary of this industry is also very high. Individuals will get the chance to meet famous people, stay at luxurious hotels and enjoy parties. As airlines don’t wish their employees to be late, they will give them pick up and drop facilities. Even the travel expenses of their employees will be seen into by the airlines.

Cons about Airlines Sector Jobs

Every job will have its negative aspects. The same is true in the case of airline jobs. The biggest worry most individuals face is that they will have to stay away from home for a long time.  The job of a person will start and end according to the schedule or tour of a specific flight. People won’t be able to go home after work like in other jobs.

Another drawback of a career with the airlines is that there will not be any benefits available for the employees. Most of them will be taken in on a contract basis. This means that the employees will have to pay their own medical insurance. On top of this, retirement plan won’t be accessible for them. Uncertainty about the job is also another major drawback about jobs in the airline sector. Ultimately, one will be able to call a job with the airlines as combination of hard work with good salary packages but one with a no-cost adventure.



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    i am 26 yrs old have education in, msw and computer PGDCA . so can i get job in airlines, if will tray this sector what will do ?

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    i want 2 work in the ground crew job so what is the eligiblity required 4 dis and even my height is only 5 feet so is it possible to work 4 me in this sector

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