Jobs in Fashion Sector


One of the oldest but interesting industry that offer good career opportunities is Fashion Designing. One might think this field to be full of glamour, but when we look inside deeper, we can find that this field has many challenges.

There are numerous areas which one can choose to specialize in the fashion sector. The one thing that is needed by all fashion designers is creativity and good skills in drawing. They also need to have an innovative mind as to find beauty even in the simplest of things. Good physique is needed by one to work as a model and good language skills are absolutely necessary for people who desire to work as fashion journalist in this field. Specifications, education and skills will depend completely on the job profiles of individuals.

Fashion Sector Jobs

A few areas where students of fashion designing can get work:

  • Advertising Designer
  • Assistant buyer fashion
  • Creative director fashion
  • Design Director
  • Fashion buyer
  • Fashion Choreographer
  • Fashion Communications
  • Fashion consultant
  • Fashion coordinator
  • Fashion Cosmetologists
  • Fashion designer
  • Fashion director
  • Fashion editor
  • Fashion journalism
  • Fashion marketing
  • Fashion merchandiser
  • Fashion Model
  • Fashion photographer
  • Fashion Publicist
  • Fashion Sales
  • Fashion stylist
  • Fashion Textile Manufacturer
  • Fashion Trend Forecaster
  • Hair Stylist
  • Portrait Photographer
  • Public relations fashion
  • Retail fashion
  • Salon Manager
  • Style Communications
  • Wedding Photographer

Pay scale of Fashion Sector Jobs

The best thing a fresher can do is to get associated with a well known design house or an established designer. At the entry level, individuals shall receive a remuneration of as much as Rs. 5000 to Rs.10, 000 a month. If they work as part of a team of designers, students shall get around Rs.12, 000 each month. But, this will not be the case of established designers or people who are fashion icons in the society. They can demand their own remuneration. The incomes of fashion designers are prone to variations as this will depend on the employer and skills of the employee.

Pros about Fashion Sector Jobs

The best advantage about a job in the fashion sector is that one will get to see people, places and see experts at work. Apart from this, individuals can fix the work schedule as per as their requirements. One will be able to use advanced equipments when it is time for work. People who are passionate toward fashion designing will find this field absolutely wonderful. Last but not the least, fashion designers will get the chance to attend fashion shows or even hoist their own fashion shows. Good opportunities will be available for them if their work is recognized.

Cons about Fashion Sector Jobs

One of the many disadvantages one has to face when working in the Fashion Sector is long hours of work. Besides this, this sector is prone to rapid changes. Because of his, some may not find this to be up to their liking. Even though travelling might be enjoyed by many, fashion designers will find it quite tedious as they will have to travel to far off places in a moment’s notice. One other disadvantage is that people will tend to spend a lot of money in clothing as well as other accessories as this will become a part of the requirement in the job.



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