Kurukshetra University, 1st Sem., Chemistry Papers


Kurukshetra University 1st Semester B.tech Chemistry Papers is a common paper to all the b.tech streams and the same set of questions in encountered for all the different disciplines. It has the basics of chemistry and includes topics like Thermodynamics, corrosion, two component system, phase rule etc and is basically a theory based paper and also involves numerical based on physical chemistry. It is coded as CHE101E and is a 100 marks theory paper.50 marks is for the sessional and is basically a total of 150 marks.

Paper pattern:

The paper is basically a subjective based paper with three sections A, B and C.A has 25 marks and is a short answer pattern type questions. Section B is the most elaborate section with 50 marks and is a long essay type of answers. Part C is related to field studies. Section one basically has ten questions of 2.5 marks each and is a compulsory section. In the essay type question section there is a choice between four questions as one has to choose them from the eight questions that are provided. One has options of subparts also which makes answering a lot easier. There one has each question of 12.5 marks each, and a total of 50 marks. One is required to score atleast 35% marks.

Maximum marks and maximum time:

The total marks allotted for this paper is 100 marks, section one has 25 marks and section two has 50 and another has 25 marks. The maximum time allotted for one to finish this paper is 3 hours.

Frequently asked questions:

The topics that find a regular occurrence in the paper are Thermodynamics and its associated numerical, Phase rule and its application, free energy change, sources and impurities of water and its treatment using chemical means, Galvanic & concentration cell, concepts of polymers and polymerization, thermoplastics and its applications, PVC, Silicones etc.

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    please send b.sc ist sem 10 new ques paper every subject with ans. phy. che. math

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    will the chemistry exam be held once again for btech 2nd sem. in kuk ?

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