Kurukshetra University, B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, 5th Sem.,-Industrial Engineering Papers


The paper of Industrial Engineering is one of the papers encountered by a student in the 5th semester of one’s Btech degree in mechanical engineering. It is a subjective based paper and is 100 marks elaborate paper that checks the student on the basic of compulsory MCQ as well as long elaborate questions. It is one of the important papers in mechanical engineering. This paper is coded as ME307E.There is a total of six subjects in this semester and this paper is one of them.

Paper pattern:

The paper has both types of questions in it, starting from subjective to objective. The paper is divided in to 3 primary category called sections A, B, and C. Section A of the paper has short type questions and has 25 marks. Section B is of 50 marks and has long type questions in it. The section C of the question paper is related to field study. The section A is compulsory section with 10 questions of 2.5 marks each. In the long descriptive essay type question, one gets choice between 4 questions as one has to choose them from the eight questions that are provided. One has options of subparts also, which makes answering a lot easier. There one has each question of 12.5 marks each, and a total of 50 marks. One is required to score at least 35% marks.

Maximum marks and maximum time:

The full marks of the paper are 100, and the marks are divided into three sections as 25, 50, and 25 marks respectively. The time duration given to the candidates for answering the paper is 3 hours only.

Frequently asked questions:

Frequently asked questions range from topics like Inverse kinematics problems, e tool configuration and Jacobean matrix, state equations, constant solutions, various method studies etc.

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