PTU, B.Pharmacy, 1st Semester, Pharmaceutical Chemistry-I Papers


Punjab technical university is one of the renowned and prestigious universities of India offering many courses in various fields including B.Pharm. There are plenty of subjects that are taught in every semester of this course. The first semester includes an important subject called pharmaceutical chemistry I.

Paper description:

The paper pharmaceutical Chemistry I deals with the study of various chemical properties of substances used directly or indirectly in our day to day life. The subject is basically chemistry but in a more organized and appropriate manner to deal with pharmaceutical issues and that is why it is said to be pharmaceutical chemistry.

Frequently asked questions:

The paper has few questions which get repeated almost every year. These questions includes questions like hard water and normal water and their difference, and the significance of PKa, what are essential ions, and what is the replacement theory etc. there are also certain topics which are important from examination point of view. This includes topics like ionization of NaCl, ZnO, mineral supplements, physiological ions in the body and many more.

Paper pattern:

The paper of PTU B.Pharm pharmaceutical chemistry is divided into three sections. These three sections have different type of questions. The first section of the paper is a compulsory section and has 15 questions. All these 15 questions are compulsory. The questions in this particular section are of 2 marks each. The entire section values 30 marks. The second section, Section B has 5 questions of 5 marks each. Out of these 5 questions, candidates require answering any 4. They last section has 4 questions of 10 marks each. All the questions are long essay types. Candidates require answering any 3 out of these 4.

Marks allotted and time allotted:

The maximum marks one can earn out of the paper is 80 and the time in which all the answers is to be written is 3 hours only.

Recommended books:

Reading Comprehensive Chemistry
ABC Chemistry

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