PTU B.Tech 1st Sem-Engineering Chemistry papers


The first year courses are designed in such a way that the students are taught almost about every subject. In the same manner, students in Punjab Technical University in the 1st semester are taught engineering chemistry.

Paper description:

The engineering chemistry deals with the study of various chemicals and substances. Basically the subject includes study of various kinds of chemical properties of various substances. The subject also includes study of various chemical rules and principles. Organic, Inorganic and earth chemistry all are included in the study of the subject.

Frequently asked questions:

The question paper of engineering chemistry has few questions repeated almost every year. These questions include difference between electrolytic cell and Galvanic cell, methods of treatment for hard water, and other miscible and immiscible solution. Questions are also asked on nomenclature as well as diagrammatic representation. Numerical problems to determine bond order, bond length etc are also asked. Wavelength and disassociation sums are also asked in the paper.

Paper pattern:

The question paper is has all together 9 questions. The paper has 3 sections. The first section has question number 1 in it. Question number 1 has 10 questions of 2 marks each. All the questions are compulsory. Section B and Section C has 4 questions each and every question is of 8 marks. Candidates are supposed to answer any 5 questions from section B and C. 2 question is to be answered from each sections. The last 1 question can be either from section B or section C.

Marks and Time allotted:

The total mark of the paper is 60 and the time to answer the questions is 3 hours.

Recommended books:

  • Comprehensive chemistry
  • ABC chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry by Sharma
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    i always score good marks in minor exm but in final exam i got low marks….what are paper doing skills in PTU so that i got good marks

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    niranjan prasad gupta:

    (1) describe in detail as to how Newton’s rings are formed find an expression for radius of nth dark ring.

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    about electro chemical cell

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