List of Postgraduate Courses in Astrology


Astrology is a science that has been practiced from very ancient times. History records the belief and faith people had once and still have now. Astrology is concerned with a collection of beliefs, customs and codex that embraces the relative positions of the stars, celestial bodies and other related matters. This science is utilized to provide information pertaining to the character, human relations, their affairs and other earthly topics. A person who is engaged in astrology is called as an astrologer. There are numerous colleges as well as private institutes in our country that provide graduate as well as postgraduate courses in Astrology. Postgraduation in the field will have more career scope. Many diploma courses are offered too.  A list of some of the postgraduate courses in Astronomy is given below.

List of Postgraduate Courses

  • Master of Science in Jyothish, Pooja and Remedies
  • Master of Science in Advanced Vedic Astrology
  • Master of Science in Tarot Cards and Numerology
  • Advanced Diploma Course in Tarot Cards and Numerology
  • Postgraduate Diploma Course in Astrology
  • Postgraduate Diploma Course in Vastu
  • Postgraduate Diploma Course in Palmistry
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Vedic Astrology
  • Advanced Diploma Course in Vastu-Feng Shui and Pyravastu
  • Postgraduate Diploma Courses in Vastu, Feng Shui and Pyravastu
  • Master of Science in Astrology (Correspondence/ Distance Education)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Astrology (Correspondence/ Distance Education)
  • Postgraduate Course in Vedic Astrology Course (Correspondence/ Distance Education)

Career Prospects

There are a lot of career opportunities available for students who have finished their studies in astrology. It is best to choose an option that suits them. It is possible for them to start their own consultancy. Vedic astrologers can find employment with temples. Career opportunities are also made available for students who seek to pursue a career as a Lecturer or Teacher. Many private institutions as well as colleges in India take in professionals of Astrology for the posts of Assistant Professors. An alternative to this is to start astrology teaching institutes.  The remuneration of astrologers will be based upon their experience as well as fame. It is possible or them to command their own salary. The salary of professors will be determined as per the norms of the UCG.



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    i have master of global governance from uk with 49.7% score could i eligible to do phd on astorolgy

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    which university in kerala,india offers master of science in astrology (distance education)….kindly reply me…..

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    which university in india offers master of science course in jyothish, pooja and remedies… kindly tell me

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    I scored 53.9% in 12th examination in the year of 2006, from West Bengal Board Of Secondary Education.
    My subjects were Physics, chemistry, Mathematics & Biology.
    Now please tell me whether I can pursue B.Sc In Astrology On the Basis of Merit List ?

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    I am a student of B.A. can I do astrology course.?

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    Shobha Ananth:

    Like to do my post graduation in astrology. Please know how can I proceed in it.