List of Postgraduate courses in Electrochemical Engineering


Electrochemistry is one of the many divisions of chemistry. It is basically the combination of chemistry and engineering. It is used for the production of chemicals and other by products. Electrochemistry is basically about the study of chemical reactions that occur in a chemical solution. The branch of electrochemical engineering includes sciences like nanotechnology and biotechnology to the processing of minerals. There are many colleges in India that provides students with postgraduate courses in electrochemical engineering. Those students who have cleared their Bachelors degree in this subject are suitable to apply for the courses.

List of Postgraduate Courses

  • M.E Chemical Engineering
  • M.E Chemical process design
  • M.Tech Chemical Engineering
  • M.E Chemical Process Design
  • M.Tech Chemical Systems
  • M.Tech Electrochemical Engineering
  • Paint and Varnish Technology
  • PhD in Chemical Engineering
  • M.Tech Computer aided Chemical Engineering

Career prospects

Candidates who have completed their course in electrochemical engineering can find employment in both the government and private sectors. They can also find jobs in areas like design and construction in addition to processing and finance. For those candidates who are interested in teaching, Lecturer jobs are available. Professionals in the field may also work as consultants. Many leading pharmaceutical companies in our country too offer career opportunities for candidates. Besides this, they are also employed in industries for scientific development and research services, particularly in the fields of energy research. Students who have finished their course can find jobs with excellent salary packages. The basic salary of the students is as much as Rs. 9,000 - Rs 13,000 for each month. Those who work as lecturers may earn around Rs 12,000 - Rs 13,000 every month. Professionals of electrochemical engineering can make approximately Rs 30,000 - Rs 50,000 a month. The remuneration of the candidates will change according to their qualification, work experience and the type of the organization that hires them. With more knowledge and proficiency in a particular area, the candidates will be able to earn more.



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