M.A in book publishing


Book publishing may be a very profitable business but it is not a very easy task to do. One needs to be very much aware of the demands and factors of the market that affects the sale of the book, because that is the only way in which one can anticipate the success of the book. That is the reason that so many courses are being offered in this field.

M.A in Book publishing is a master level course which includes detailed study of various aspects of book publishing. The study includes the various aspects in which a book is finalised to be published. This course involves detailed study of various factors that are responsible for making the book a success in the market.

One needs to be a graduate and should have at least a bachelor’s level degree in order to be eligible for the course of M.A in book publishing. The certificate of graduation should be of a well recognised institute or university.

Course Outlook:

The course duration of M.A in Book Publishing is generally 2 years. These 2 years are further divided in to 2 parts of 1 year each. After every 1 year, an examination is held that decides promotion of the candidates to the next level.

Job Prospects:

There are plenty of jobs after successful completion of this course. Various kinds of publishing houses recruit these degree holders for the success of the book.

Best Places to Pursue:

University of Delhi
Madras University



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