B.A in Book Publishing


Book publishing is not a very easy job. It requires a lot of skill and prior inspection before publishing a written script in to a book. That is the reason that book publishing is coming upon with various degrees of various level associated with it. The bachelor level degree offered in this subject is B.A in Book Publishing.

Under this course one is taught about the various ways in which the manual script is studied in order to calculate the success of the book. Various factors are studied in detail and then the book is given for publishing. This is what is taught under the course of B.A in Book Publishing. Deciding the pattern of the publishing issue and the numbers of each lot is all studied under this course.

One needs to be at least 10 + 2 passed in order to be eligible for this course of B.A in book publishing. One also needs to have English as a main subject at the 10 + 2 level. The 10 + 2 passing certificate should be of a well recognised educational board of India.

Course outlook:

The course duration of the B.A in Book Publishing depends upon the university. There are few universities in India that offers this course in 3 years. These 3 years are further divided in to 3 parts of 1 year each. After every one year an examination decides the promotion of the candidates to the next level. However there are universities that offer courses of just 1 year duration.

Job Prospects:

These degree holders are readily accepted by the various publishing houses all over the world.

Best Places to Pursue:

University of Delhi

University of Poona

Bombay University



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    iam just 10+2 with bio-science from U.A. Board, & want to know every process abt one yaer graduation

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    Please let me know when is the entrance exam and if there are any corresspondence courses for this.