Maharashtra Board SSC History-Civics Papers


The tradition and rules of a country lie in their rich heritage and past and hence a thorough knowledge about it is necessary. So the SSC History-Civics paper under Maharashtra board is an important subject. Apart from gaining interest in the subject to prepare and do well, a proper analysis of the exam pattern is also necessary.

Total time and marks:

The paper is of 2 hours duration and the maximum marks are 40.

Paper Pattern:

The paper is in English language. The paper contains a wide variety of questions which includes fill in the blanks, match the following, short answer type as well as long answer type questions. The paper consists of nine questions and all of them are compulsory and must be answered. However internal options are present in many of the questions.

Key points to do well in the paper:

Some of the important points to do well in this paper are as follows:

Writing answers according to the word limit as mentioned in the question.

Maintaining a proper handwriting throughout the exam.

As the paper is of only two hour duration, this allotted time should be properly managed and the paper should be completed accordingly and one should revise it as well.

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