Mechanic – How to become a Mechanic?


Most of the important works were handled manually in older days. With the advent of technological revolution, machines are now being extensively used for small purposes like household purposes to vital purposes of commercial organizations. Mechanics are the professionals who solve various defects of machines and make it intact as before. This profession has got a great demand today as even small works are mechanized with various mechanical devices. Mechanics can specialize in a particular area like motor mechanic, car mechanic or AC mechanic. Specialized mechanics need high skill in the respective field to pursue a successful career. Salaries given for the mechanics depend upon their talent, abilities and experience.

Qualifying Exam

An educational qualification is not mandatory for a Mechanic. Only work experience is needed for becoming a mechanic. Even so, one should pass minimum tenth standard to work efficiently. Higher educational qualification can increase the demand for the mechanic. After passing the tenth standard exam, one should join any Industrial Training Institute to pursue a certificate course in the respective trade. This course will enable the candidates to become a Mechanic in more reputed organizations.

Who are eligible to apply?

Candidates who want to become a Mechanic should first of all pass their tenth standard exam. They should pass their tenth standard exam with minimum sixty percent marks. Then only they can join any reputed Industrial Training Institute to pursue any certificate course on the respective trade. After completing this course one can apply for the job of Mechanic available at various reputed organizations. Candidates can also pursue this course after completing their plus two or its equivalent examination.

Key elements in the process

  • Pass tenth standard exam
  • Pass plus two or its equivalent examination (optional)
  • Complete any certificate course in the respective trade from Industrial Training Institute
  • Apply for the job

Skills required for a Mechanic

Mechanics should have intensive knowledge about the machines and their operation. They should handle the machines with utmost care to avoid any damage. They should have the ability to concentrate for longer hours. Good communication skills are also essential for a mechanic to interact with their customers and team. They should exceptional diagnostic and problem solving skills. Good eye-hand co-ordination is also required for a mechanic.



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