Aircraft Mechanic - How to become an Aircraft Mechanic?


Aircraft Mechanics are responsible for the safe operation of an aircraft. They are also responsible for the routine maintenance, repair, and inspection operations of the aircraft. The inspections are carried out as per the requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). They keep record of the inspected aircrafts and perform the next inspection according to the scheduled plan. The candidate should possess good practical knowledge and technical skills to become an efficient Aircraft Mechanic. They have to pursue courses in aviation and have adequate work experience to become proficient in the role of the same.

Qualifying Exam

The candidate has to attend courses in aircraft maintenance to become an Aircraft Mechanic. Bachelor level courses in aeronautical engineering or similar programs in areas of avionics, aviation maintenance management, and aviation technology will also be helpful. Moreover, the candidate has to pass the screening process of the employing firm to get in to the post. The screening process for the post of Aircraft Mechanic will be rather complex and the candidate has to be well prepared in order to crack the same.

Who are eligible to apply?

The students who have completed 3 year or 4-year program in aircraft maintenance are eligible to apply for the position of Aircraft mechanic. Those who have completed XII class with Science are eligible to carry out courses in aviation. Upon completion of aviation course, candidates are recruited for entry-level positions. After probation period, they can get in to the position of an aircraft mechanic. Those with a minimum of 2-3 years experience in aircraft maintenance are recruited directly to the job.

Key elements in the recruitment process

  • Pursue HSC with Science as the core subject of study
  • Pursue courses in Aircraft Maintenance or in Aviation Technology
  • Obtain adequate experience through internship programs or by getting in to trainee positions in related sector.
  • Seek and apply for the position of Aircraft Mechanic in a reputed firm.

Skills required for Aircraft Mechanic

Technical knowledge and skills especially in the area of electronics are prerequisite to performing the role of aircraft mechanic. They should possess keen eyesight and hearing capacity also. Problem solving skills and accuracy in operations are also important to become a successful aircraft mechanic. Efficiency and accuracy in operations are critical as even a simple mistake could lead to grave consequences.



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    Is there any chance to diploma students to join in “AiR FORCE” or any other courses is offers to us to become aircraft maintanence

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    sir,i am doing third year aeronautical engg,all are suggesting u hav no core jobs in India.i need wat is the job positions in india after tis course.wat are the. exams . and jobs I can apply in tis year.plz guide me….