Mumbai University, BE, 1st Sem., Applied Physics-I Papers


Mumbai University, BE, 1st Sem., Applied Physics-I Papers is based on applied physics and also has mathematical part to it. This paper is very important and needs to be cleared in order to get promoted to the next semester.

Paper pattern

The question paper is divided into seven main questions. These questions are further divided into small questions. These small questions may or may not have further divisions. The marks carried by each sub question are indicated on the right hand side margin of the question paper. The first question is compulsory and all candidates have to attempt this question. Out of the remaining six questions, a candidate has to attempt five questions. In total, the candidate has to attempt six questions. Each sub question from number 2 to 7 is divided into two sub questions.

Duration of the exam

The maximum time allotted for the exam is three hours and the candidates are advised to follow timings rule strictly. An extra fifteen minutes is allotted for reading of the question paper and the candidate is advised to spend this time wisely. The choices of the questions must be done carefully during this time so that you do not have to rush otherwise.

Marks distribution

The maximum mark that is allotted to the paper is 100.  The compulsory question carries 24 marks which are equally divided among eight sub questions. The remaining five questions carry 15 marks each. These marks may or may not be equally divided among the sub questions.

About the subject

The subject is based on the theorems of physics. There are many numerical that the candidate needs to solve. A good speed of solving numerical is required.

Tips to keep in mind

All the assumptions that are made while answering the questions should be clarified. If you use any mathematical symbols, you have to explain the meaning while answering the corresponding questions.

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