Mumbai University, BE, 1st Sem, Basic Electrical and Electronics Papers


Students who are doing BE in Mumbai University needs to answer Electrical and Electronics paper during the first semester of the course. Students of all engineering branches need to take this examination.

Paper pattern

The question paper consists of six questions which are sub divided into further questions. There are no sections in the question paper. Question 1 is compulsory and has to be attempted by all the students. From the remaining five questions, the candidates can chose any four questions. Each question will compulsorily contain a sub question that will be a numerical problem regarding A.C or D.C circuits or transistor circuits. When learning, the candidates have to give importance to diagrams as at least one sub question under a main question requires the candidates to answer the question by presenting the diagram.

Distribution of marks

The maximum mark that can be scored is 100. All the six questions carry equal marks (20 marks). The candidates have to attempt five sections including the first compulsory question. So, the total marks add up to hundred. Sometimes, the sub question may be further divided into two questions. In such a case, each question will be carrying equal marks.

Duration of the paper

The candidates are allotted a total of 3 hours for the completion of answering the question paper. An additional 15 minutes will be provided at the start of the exam for reading the question paper and for clarification of any doubts that may arise on the candidate’s part.

About the subject

The subject is all about circuits and semi conductors. The paper emphasizes equally on theory as well as numerical problems. The candidates should have mastery over the subject and should be able to use their knowledge at the application level in order to solve the tough numerical problems. Practice solving problems. This will help you a lot. Moreover, refer previous question papers to get an idea of the type of questions that make its appearance every year.

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