Mumbai University, BE, 2nd Communication Skills (CS) Papers


Mumbai University is a haven for those students who want to sore high. This is one of the best universities in the country and is one that will enable the students to nurture their talents and to come out in flying colours. Numerous courses are offered by the university in fields of engineering, science, commerce and arts. One of the major courses offered by the university is BE. During the 2nd semester of the course, the students need to study communication skills and have to take its exam.

About the subject and paper pattern

The paper is all about communicating well. This subject will help the students understand how to communicate their ideas effectively to the outside world once they step out of the university. The subject lays emphasizes on improving the English of the students and is very important in this fast growing world.

The paper consists of 7 questions. The paper is totally descriptive. Question 1 has to be answered by all the candidates. From the remaining 6 questions, the candidates have to answer any four. All the questions contain sub questions. Question 7 is a comprehension question and the candidates have to answer it after reading the excerpt printed in the question paper. Certain diagrams require the candidates to explain real world objects like thermo meter by writing about it and also by presenting a diagram of it. Some questions require the candidates to define various terms.

Marking scheme and duration of paper

The maximum mark of the paper is 75 and the candidates need to secure a minimum of 35% in order to pass the exam. All the questions including the compulsory question carry 15 marks. The candidates are allowed two hours for completing the paper and they will be allotted 15 minutes reading time.

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