Mumbai University Commerce- English Yubakbharti Papers


Mumbai University Commerce-English Yubakbharti Papers deals with the reading skill, grammar, vocabulary, summary, essay writing and note-making etc. The students need to be fluent in all of the above mentioned areas. The candidates prefer all the relevant books in order to get the high marks. They also have to look after their handwriting and errors in the examination.

Importance of this subject

The Mumbai University Commerce- English Yubakbharti Paper gives preference to the students to build more attention in grammar, reading skill and also raise their ability in verbal reasoning etc. The subject deals with the simple grammatically related, seen unseen passages etc. One should have to write the answers accordingly.

Paper Pattern:

The English Yubakbharti Paper exam is conducted under the Mumbai University and it contains four different sections. The first section includes reading skills, grammar, summary vocabulary and note-making whereas the 2nd ones include poetry parts. The third section deals with the rapid reading and composition whereas the fourth section includes writing skills. The markings on every question are different. Each section also includes different markings.

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are generally questions related to some given seen and unseen passage and its related questions. One should have to keep the idea of writing essay on different topics. The students need to enhance the vocabulary and grammar to enhance the writing skills.

Marks and Time:

The total marks allotted against the Mumbai University Commerce- English Yubakbharti Papers are 80 and the total time duration allotted to every student is three hours.

Books Recommended:

English Yuvakbharti Digest [English Edition] by, Shri.Navneet

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