NET Psychology (Paper III) Papers


NET is the eligibility test for lectureship. Among the subjects of NET, Psychology is also there. There are two papers on the subject. Paper II is an objective test while paper III consists of essay type questions. The pattern of Paper III of Psychology is described here.

The number of questions in paper III is 26, with total marks being 200. The time given for this paper is two hours and a half. The paper has four sections. In the first section there are five questions. Each question is of five marks. The questions are to be answered in maximum 30 words.
The second section consists of 15 questions. These questions are also of 5 marks each and the word limit is again 30 words.

Section III consists of five questions. The questions are given from the electives. Students can select any elective and answer all the questions from that only. Each question is of 12 marks and the word limit is 200 words.

Section IV has four questions out of which only one is to be answered. This is an essay type question. This question carries 40 marks and the word limit for this section is 1000 words. The links of previous years’ question papers are given below.

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