PhD diploma


PhD diploma is a type of high level degree. It is mainly a type of research field. In some of the countries this type of degrees are called terminal degree. But the practice varies from country to country. Actually it is a one and half year course. The research doctorates were awarded for their academic research papers and their papers were published in academic journals 

The course structure:

As it has been mentioned above that it is a type of research study. So the course structure varies from university to university. Therefore the complete course structure can be collected from the websites of the respective universities.

Fee structure:

The fees structure is different for different colleges and updated almost every year. The details of the fee structure are available in the university website.

Career prospect:

There is a large scope for the Ph.D. diploma holder. As it is a doctorate degree so it has very much importance in the professional field. Many of the Ph.D. diploma holders used to edit their new research papers in the magazines which is also a way of income for them. Many of them used to become writer and print their new research work.  The PhD diploma holders can practice in many countries such as  Argentina, Finland, France, Germany, India, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain are few of the important countries.
Financial Assistance:

There is a scheme for financial assistance for those who can’t afford the heavy fee structure.
The financial assistance given is as follows:
(1) Those candidates who have no experience get a financial assistance of Rs.6000/- per month.
(2) Candidates having a work experience of 5 years get Rs.8000/- per month by the committee of experts of the recommended subject.
(3) Rs.10, 000/- is given for entire 5 years for yearly contingency allowance.
(4) House rate allowance is not given under this scheme.

There are some alternative to take funds from the respective universities:

(1) University scholarship.
(2) Trusts and charities.
(3) Employer sponsorship.
(4) Personal savings.
(5) Research and graduate teaching experience.



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    viswa nagendra reddy.B.V.:

    Dear sir,
    I am one of the microbiology student, i like to do Diploma Phd. where can i get the information? please inform to my mail ID : [email protected]


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    Swapnadip Chakraborty:

    plz give me information about Phd in biotechnology….how can i get chance to university….plz tell me about the exam

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    Plz.give me information of examination in 2010 for PH.D. in political science, law, sociology and upsc SCE.

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    please give me the details for PhD Diploma program.

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    I read thru the mail named “Phd Diploma”. It does have any links for universities or research institutes, where they for such program. It will be useful for the readers, like me, if you provide web links, or name of such universities offering Phd Diploma program.

    I dont know whether i missed out the links, if you provided such thing, and would like you to refer me such universities or web links. Thanks