Benefit of under taking a PhD course


The PhD level course is one amongst the most prized degrees not only in India but also abroad. As this course will provide individuals with the most stable base required to help them in their respective careers, the PhD degree can be considered to be a good qualification in the career graph. This is because; it points the candidates to the right direction. Most Indian universities offer students with the PhD program.

As there are numerous specializations available, students are free to choose any field they wish. The duration of the PhD course for full time students is maximum 6 years and minimum 3 years. The time period of the PhD program for part – time students is minimum 4 years and maximum 6 years.

To get a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) degree, students need to work hard and invest a lot of time in Research. The qualification needed by a person to pursue this advanced level of education is a master’s degree in the relevant field. However, in some subjects, it is prerequisite to have a Masters in Philosophy (M.Phil) before commencing the PhD. For admittance into the PhD course, it is required for all aspirants to qualify in any of the national level examinations such as the prestigious National Eligibility Test (Lectureship). This examination is carried out by the University Grants Commission (UGC).

What are the benefits involved?

The benefits of a PhD degree are many. They are:

  • Individuals will have an in-depth idea about the subject they have chosen to specialize. This knowledge of theirs will be very much useful for them in their careers.
  • Individuals will be able to help others as well. The practical as well as theoretical idea they have can be used to assist others.
  • The most vital thing that can be said about the PhD program is that candidates will be able to get jobs almost easily.

Career Aspects after the completion of PhD

An individual will have numerous career choices subsequent to the completion of his PhD degree. In addition to this, it will also be possible for him to get a higher salary as well as job profile within a company when opposed to other candidates who do not possess the same qualification. One other benefit of the PhD degree is that individuals can get the job as Lecturers or Professors with Universities or colleges quite easily.

One of the best perks of the PhD degree is that the person who has this degree will have a good status in the society. A Ph.d holder will be respected wherever they go.



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    Sir I am doing M.Tech. nanoelectronics 2nd year at SASTRA University, Tanjure. Now I select my project on Nano photonics as a theoretical work. Whether it is useful for me to do P.hd in future compare with experimental work like nanomaterials synthesis or thinfilms.

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    hello,my question is that i am net qualified in june2011.i want to know about ph.d. programme in hindi litrature from delhi university..

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    helo sir
    could you send the notification of phd.