Difference between PhD and D.Sc


Both PhD and D.Sc are doctoral degrees awarded to students in their chosen field of study. The degree of PhD is popular all over the world. PhD or the doctor of philosophy is awarded for achievements in the area of art, science, law, etc. D Sc or Doctor of Science is equivalent to PhD but the same is restricted to certain countries of the world. Both these doctorate degrees are similar in many aspects.  However, there exist certain dissimilarities between these degrees, which will be mentioned here.

PhD degree and Opportunities

Doctor of Philosophy is one of the higher study options for those who have completed their post graduate degree. The degree is awarded in almost all streams of study such as Arts, Science, Management, Engineering etc. The degree is usually opted by those who are interested in higher studies or in research. This will be much suitable for candidates who are interested to build up a career in teaching. The degree is also preferred by those who wish to get in to reputed job profiles such as Scientist, Chairman, etc.  The prestigious degree helps one to get in to any of the reputed profiles in their interested area.

D Sc and Opportunities

Doctor of Science is the degree offered in the areas of Science and Engineering streams. The same is offered in certain European nations only. In such countries, the degree is considered at a higher status than PhD. In countries like US, those who pursue PhD degree in the areas of Science and Engineering are referred to as Doctor of Science degree holders where as PhD degree holders in all other streams are called as such only. The candidate should posses the minimum master’s degree qualification to pursue the Doctor of Science degree. After completion of the degree, the aspirants can find enormous job opportunities in India as well as abroad.

Key differences between PhD and D Sc

  • The PhD degree is awarded to aspirants in all disciplines of study. However, the Doctor of Science degree is awarded only for Science and Engineering subjects.
  • As per the research aspects are concerned, Doctor of Philosophy is mostly basic research.
  • The research in D Sc is of application type, which is mainly concerned with practical aspects of study.

Another difference lies in the eligibility required to pursue both the courses. Those with graduation can apply to pursue the PhD degree program where as masters degree is necessary to get in to the degree of Doctor of Science



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    Subrata Das:

    I complete MCA from Sikkim manipal university DE.

    I want to do M tech or Phd in Wbut or Calcutta university or Jadavpur University in regular course, is it possible?

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    name the medical college or university from where i can registered for DSc(biochemistry)

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    DSc from medical univeristy in india or foregin university

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    if someone does doctoral of science what are the job prospects in india, european countries and countries like US in research?