PhD in History, History PhD


History is the study of the past with primary attention to activities of human beings over time. PhD in History is an extensive academic degree awarded by many universities for hardcore research in any specific piece or detailed information of history. In a few countries, PhD in History is regarded as one of the highest degree that any person can earn as it requires extensive amount of study for long durations of time along with research on those happenings in concern. The criterion for awarding the degree of PhD to any candidate differs from place to place. While some universities may ask for detailed evidence of the study done to achieve the degree, some may ask for the thesis only and proof of the research work done. There is simply no specific order of awarding the degree of Doctorate of Philosophy. Usually the fund required for the research in this field is provided by the university or college from the student’s welfare fund.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to become eligible to undertake the study of PhD in History, candidates must at least be graduates with History as their Honors subject. Moreover, candidates having passed the post graduate level are also eligible for this extensive study.

Course Outlook

Generally in most universities, candidates who are graduates are given a time limit of two years to do their study and research on any specific historical item and present their thesis by the third year which can be provisionally extended. Whereas, candidates who have already passed their MA are given a year less to prepare their thesis.

Job Prospects

After earning the degree of PhD in History, people can start off as professors or lecturers in Universities or join any historical group who carry out research and publish their works on a global scale. Or they may also continue personal research if they intend to.

Best Places to Pursue:

Madras University

University of Delhi

University of Calcutta

Indira Gandhi National Open University

Banaras Hindu  University



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60 Responses to “PhD in History, History PhD”

  1. 60

    I got 58% in ma.iwant direct admission phd from anciant history subject with any intrence exam.if this is possible. Pleplease send me list university or digree colrges

  2. 59
    smriti oreya:

    I want to be enroll in Ph.D,my special paper was (medieval).when will be the entrance exam ?Kindly inform me as soon as possible.I will be very grateful to you .Thanking you.

  3. 58
    gaurav raj singh:

    i have done M.A in ancient history. i got 65% marks. i wanted to take admission in p.hd

  4. 57
    vinod meena:

    hindi meduam mai p.hd.kaha se hoti hai

  5. 56
    Kiran Lata:

    I got 59% marks in M.A. ancient history? what is the eligibility for Ph.D in ancient history

  6. 55
    iraqdao goyari:

    i would admission in any good university for phd in history ihave 50 persent

  7. 54
    Rohit Kumar Yadav:

    I have passed M.A in Anicent History with 52.5 % marks in 2009. I want to join Ph.D please give me detail and please tell me what are the suitable Ph.D topic in history.
    please send any information on my email address-
    [email protected]

  8. 53
    Anamika dwivedi:

    I have passed M.A. in Anicent History with 59.67% marks. I want to join P.hd please give me details and please tell me what are the Suitable p.hd topic in history.

  9. 52
    Nicebell k sangma:

    Helo,Sir m completng my M.A ds year july i wana do p.h.d in History so hw can i apply for it?

  10. 51
    K. Singh:

    How I can do PhD in History at Germany ? I camplet my M.A in history from Rajasthan - (India)

  11. 50

    hello sir,i want know can i do phd with ignou? & how much fee in this course/ i cannot attent classes so plz tell me .aill prosess of phd.thanx

  12. 49

    Hello Sir,
    please can you tell me how many years is required to complete P.HD pragram and can a graduate do P.HD program.How much percentage should a candidate require in his graduation to study P.HD?Is there any age limit?

    Thank you

  13. 48
    rakesh kr singh:

    I am M.A in History.I want to know what is date of phd form submission and test in history in patna univ.pls quick reply me.I heartly thanks you.

  14. 47
    Fazeel ahmad:

    I compleate M.A.(history) 55.3% marks in 2011 and i am Bsc. (Mathematics and Physics) 45.2% marks in 2003. I want phd (History): Can i do Phd and how?

  15. 46

    I have passed M.a . In history with 57.94 and I want to do p.h.d in mombay university and as I am from Iran and I stay in India , is it possible for me to do p.h.d and I finished my m.a in Pune university.

  16. 45
    deepak vishwanath:

    sir i ahve completed my M.A. via modern history with 57% mark i want to join p.hd

  17. 44
    Sachin Kumar Vishkarma:

    I have passed Anciant History with 55% marks
    I wanto join P.hd. Give me details please.

  18. 43
    biresh chaudhuri:

    what is the procedure to persue phd in history 4m du,after post grad?

  19. 42
    sundar prasad:

    i am doing ma in history .i want to do mphil .plese tell us detail about university conducted such courses.

  20. 41

    How many marks required for take admission Phd in History?
    How many fees I have to pay to complete the Phd course?
    Have there any age limitation for Phd?

  21. 40

    what is job offer to me after P.hd in ancient history

  22. 39

    i got 53% in ma in history can i do phd in history?

  23. 38

    I have passed M.A. in Anicent History with 59% marks. I want to join P.hd please give me detals and please tell me what are the Suitable p.hd topic in history.

  24. 37
    Anamika Pandey:

    In pg(anc. history)my percentage is 53.6%(private).I want to know that can I do phd from j.n.u. or any other reputed indian universities?

  25. 36
    Champak Roy:

    How many marks required for take admission Phd in History?
    How many fees I have to pay to complete the Phd course?
    Have there any age limitation for Phd?

  26. 35

    dear sir, i have completed m.phil in history in 2008 under Madurai Kamraj University, (Distance education) Now I want to pursue Phd from Patna university or some other indian universities. My question is, is it the same recognition of Mphil in distance or regular course.

  27. 34

    i want sample question paper for Phd History
    Kindy guide from where i can get the same.

  28. 33

    i want to get admission in phd of sir plz i want to what prosses u have.what can i do to get admisssion..

  29. 32


  30. 31

    Sir, what should I do to get admission in Allahabad University in PhD.I am MA Final Year (HISTORY) student & have obtained 54.4% marks in MA Pre.

  31. 30
    joygopal sinhga:

    sent me a suitable ph.d topic in history & in what way i progress

  32. 29
    redian narzary:

    what are the suitable phd topic in history

  33. 28
    vikas singh:

    i have done Master in Marketing Management(53%) and Post graduate diploma in material logistics management(70%),i want to do phd in marketing, is possible or not, pls. tell me

  34. 27

    dear sir, i finised my m.a., at annamalai university. in history, i wants to study phd., i finished m.a.,direct. can i eligible

  35. 26

    I had finished my M.A History with 52 Percentage from nalanda open university patna. I want to join P.Hd. Is it possible to join Phd with 52 Percentage.please help me as soon as

  36. 25
    Sudheer Yadav:

    I have passed M.A. with 56% marks in Anciant History
    I want to join P.hd.please give me details.

  37. 24
    Sudheer Yadav:

    I have passed Anciant History with 55% marks
    I wanto join P.hd. Give me details please.

  38. 23
    rekha ahire:

    I am rekha and so i am join Ph.d in mumbai ple informtion me

  39. 22

    When will be the Ph.d exam in Vinova Bhave ?

  40. 21

    sari am BA histoy. so iam join the Phd history so information ple sar.
    Thank you

  41. 20
    Mahendra Singh:

    I have passed MA in modern india with 62% and now want to do Ph.D. Pls give details.

  42. 19
    Ruchi Rajput:

    i have done MA in ancient history with 58% i want to join p.hd give me detail.

  43. 18

    1.Topics Phd iof vbu hazaribag 2010
    2.Result of MA(history)result 2010
    3.Topics Phd iof vbu hazaribag 2011

  44. 17

    i have done m a in history but history was nt a subject in graduation. can i do ph d in history and pls name the university.

  45. 16

    i have completed my p.g and ijust want to join p.hd plz give the name of wich university who provide this programme currently and give curent news for addmision.

  46. 15

    How many years does it take to complete phd? my subject is history.

  47. 14

    Iam preparing tfor attendinng phd entrance exam under mg univercity 2010 .Can u plz give scheme and sylubus for phd entrance exam .or quiestion pattern

  48. 13

    please tell me what are the qualification required for Ph.d[history] and m.phill [history]. I have done my B.A.[history] with 65 percent which subject ishould take in M.A.which can be beneficial for me in doing Ph.d or M .phill

  49. 12

    I have done my B.A. in history with 65percent plz tell me wich subject shoud i take in which can help for P.Hd.

  50. 11

    how to prepare p.h.d. entrance test? what is the syllabus of it?

  51. 10
    anupama maurya:

    what are the job opportunity after M.A. or M.phil or Phd in ancient history plz give me answer soon

  52. 9

    I have done M.A in economic history of india with 65%,so which one is good for me to join PH.D or M.PHIL.

  53. 8
    jaypoojan pandey:

    is p.hd course available in allahabd board subject :- history i have secured 55% in M.A.

  54. 7

    I have 51% in MA(History)please tell me can I do PHD?

  55. 6
    brinda kumari:

    I have done M.A history and i completed m.phil in Ancient History And Archaeology please tell me whether i can do my phd in history or in archaeology.

  56. 5
    divya seth:

    i have 50% in ma and 53 percent in mphil please let me give the list of some indian universities which have 50% eligibility in ma to get admission in phd history please help me as soon as

  57. 4

    i v done m.a in history n m.phill in history n i want to explore more n more diasporic problems specially south east asia.plz let me know abt d entrance date of d.u university.

  58. 3
    kaushlendra pandey:

    i have done MA in ancient history with 58% i want to join p.hd give me detail.
    and tell me also the name of that university who with draw the application form this time(special in up,bihar ,haryana,punjab m.p)

  59. 2
    shakti singh:

    i had done MA in History with 56.5%. i want to join p.hd.tell me the details.

  60. 1
    Senthil kumaran.S:

    I had finished my Mphil History with 54 Percentage. I want to join P.Hd. Is it possible to join Phd with 54 Percentage. Tell me any Indian Univercities offers such study.