Difference between Anthropology and History


Both Anthropology and History are diverse areas of study related to humans. Simply, Anthropology is the study of human beings and history is the study of history and civilizations of human kind. History is the wide area of study in which anthropology acts as the subdivision of the same. Both the subject offers higher study options as well as career opportunities to aspirants. Though both the courses are similar in their content up to certain extent but they do differ between each other in certain aspects.

Anthropology and Opportunities

After completing HSC course, one can go for bachelor degree courses in Anthropology according to their interest. There exists Bachelor of Arts as well as science courses in Anthropology. Higher education programs in the same increases the skills and ability of the individual to perform well in their job. These professionals can get enrolled in any of the following roles.

  • Archaeologists
  • Archivists
  • Culture Resource Managers
  • Curators
  • Linguists
  • Research Scholar
  • Social Workers in Media Houses
  • Tour Guides
  • Urban Planners etc

History and Opportunities

The discipline of History is also offered as graduate and postgraduate programs through several Universities and Colleges in the country. The same allows further education in the form of M. Phil and PhD, which enables one to build up a better career life in academic sector. The common job profiles available for those who got educated in history are mentioned here.

  • Documentation Specialist
  • Historian
  • Information Manager
  • Librarian
  • Library Systems Analyst
  • Online Search Specialist
  • Research Assistant
  • Records Manager
  • Teacher
  • Writer / Editor

Key differences between Anthropology and History

  • History is the study of history and civilization aspects of human kind where as Anthropology deals with the holistic and real nature of humans.
  • History is the wider area of study where as Anthropology acts as a sub content of the former.
  • History involves analyzing and evaluating certain events where as Anthropology identifies the behavior and associations of human beings.
  • The main aim of History is to identify the past of humans where as anthropology discovers the true nature of human beings.

The area of application of both the subject is different from each other.



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