PTU B. Tech ECE-4th Semester-Linear Control System Papers


Linear Control System paper is the important one to complete the knowledge in the field of Communication. The paper is related with the study of circuits, network and operations and control operation in it. The paper helps in a big way in practical life.

Which pattern is followed?

The paper of Linear Control Paper contains 9 questions which are divided into 3 sections. The paper has 9 questions in it. Section A is of 20 veryshort answer type questions and each is compulsory to solve. Section B is of 5 short answer type questions and 4 from it is needed to be attempted. Section C is of 3 long answer type questions and 2 from it is needed to be attempted. The questions in each section are of equal value of marks.

Questions asked often:

Questions asked in the paper are such as Sketch the Bode Plot for the transfer function, Gain Margin & Phase Margin, root locus, open loop transfer function, time response of a second order control system, stability of system, block diagram related questions of a circuit, Nyquist Plot for the open loop transfer function, advantages of sample4 data control system, various steps for design of Phase Lag network, various control components, Routh-Hurwitz Criterion, compensating network, Laplace Transform in control system, time variant & invariant system, advantages of closed loop control system etc.

Tips for the exam:

Candidates should practise circuit diagram of important principles as they are essential to get the maximum marks.

Is there any scope of scoring full marks in this paper?

The students can definitely score full marks in this paper which is 60. Most of the questions are numerical sort of and if a student can select the questions wisely he/she can score full marks in this paper.

Time Span:

Time allotted to get the paper solved is 3 hours only.

Recommended Books:

  • Linear Control Systems by B.S. Manke
  • Automatic control systems by kuoGolnaragh
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