WBUT ECE 4th Sem Digital Electronics (EC 402) Papers


WBUT (West Bengal University of Technology) is one of the most recent but one of the major universities of India. The reason behind the creation of this institute was to enrich Indian society with the technological knowledge. This institute offers many courses in various streams. Electronics and Communication is considered to be one of the best degree courses offered by WBUT. Digital Electronics is a major subject of this stream. A good amount of hard work and understanding is required to be par with the subject. In this scenario the paper pattern of the paper is very useful for performing well in the subject.

How many Groups are in the paper?

Group A, B and C are the three groups in the paper.

What are the variations in the paper?

In total there are three groups in this paper. The first group contains 10 to 15 questions. The question in group A are of MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) types. The total marks offered by this group are 10. Next group which is Group B contains the short answer questions. In this group the total number of question asked is not constant. Usually 3 out of 5 questions are to be done. Group C which is the last group in the paper is of the most important from the marks distribution point of view. It contains 5 questions of 15 marks each. Out of the provided questions any 3 questions are to be done.

How are marks distributed?

The marks distribution of the paper is as follows:

Group A - 10 marks (10 questions of 1 mark each).

Group B - 15 marks (3 questions of 5 marks each).

Group C - 45 marks (3 questions of 15 marks each).

How much time is allotted for the paper?

This paper is scheduled for a total of 180 minutes i.e. 3 hours.

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