Role of food technology course towards society


Nowadays, people are always conscious about their health. The general mindset of the people has changed with regard to the health habits where in people now regard as the health as an important wealth. The people always take extra care in living and promoting a healthy life style all around. This is the point where in the importance of the food technology courses come in to picture. The food technology courses are being preferred by the students in large number. The courses have been devised with regard to the changing demands of the individuals. The significance of this course in the present times cannot be ignored. The course has an important role to play in the society by and large.

Food technology course mainly deals with the application of the various concepts in food science namely the processing, preservation, packaging, and distribution etc of the various food items. It also involves the use and delivery of safe and healthy food items.

Food Technology course

Food technology involves the various graduate and post graduate courses in this area. The candidates who have completed their 12th class with science as their major subject can apply for the graduation level course in food technology. The course in food technology provides the students knowledge in the areas of food processing, preservation, consumption of the various food products and their relative impact in to the society in general. The course also makes the students aware about the various nutritious food items and what is the role of food in promoting a healthy lifestyle. The students also gain experience in food analysis and the significant role of quality which is of utmost importance in food items. The students are imparted training in both the practical and theoretical aspects of food technology. The students are given practical exposure in this are through the various industry projects in this area. This is a course which mainly focuses on research oriented activities related to the various food items.

Career Prospects in this area

Lot of technological advancements is taking place in this area. The industry is primarily very fast in its activities. The employment opportunities in this field are immense. The individuals who have completed their graduation in this field find in job opportunities in the following areas –

  • Food Microbiologist
  • Food Standards Officer
  • Food Technologist
  • Process and product development
  • Production management
  • Quality assurance
  • Research and development
  • Technical sales

The course of food technology has a major role in the society on a whole. The individuals are more peculiar about their health habits. There arises the need for good and healthy food which can be as a result of the food technology courses. The food technology course has a positive role towards the society in the long run.



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