Contribution of Political Science course in the division of states


The course of Political Science has provided some of the most stabilized ideology that has shaped the future of various nations. The candidates that under take the course has various responsibilities as well as role that help the nation to be unified and create various instance that play major role in the societies. The contribution of the political science course is therefore well worthier in terms of the positive effects.

In country like India which is compromised of various states, the course of political science has a major role to play.  The course induces various strong hold instances and ideology that help the nation either in the positive manner or in the negative manner. But the course has recently been blamed to division of state happening in our country. The course has been hailed responsibility for the induction of the ideology of the new born states. The course indicates that if any part of the state is not satisfied with the state itself, then they have the full liberisation to ask for the existence of their own individual stares.

Thus various instances like these have pondered the course with these kinds of blames. The country requires the positive side effect of the course rather then their negative side.  The course therefore has an important role to play in the ideology that it implements on the young minds and the society to needs to bear the positive ideology’s only and the aspect that will make this nation a better place to live.



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