Salaries after B Sc Microbiology


B Sc microbiology is one among the demanding courses offered at degree level. This course offers a lot of job vacancies in both the public as well as private sector enterprises. Industries in Biotechnology as well as industries in Genetic Engineering offer excellent job opportunities to graduates in Microbiology with good salary packages.

Those who have completed their Bachelor degree in Microbiology can enter clinical laboratories as trainees or they can enter Universities where they can teach and do research. By 2014, the employment opportunities for microbiologist will increase in a much faster rate. So this can be considered as a booming sector, which offers better job opportunities along with good salary packages.

Salaries after B Sc Microbiology in Government Organizations

Graduates in Microbiology can get in to various reputed positions in different Government organizations. To obtain a job in the Government department the graduate has to pass exams conducted by State Government or Central Government. They can get in to job profiles such as JRF/ Project Assistant, Research/ Skilled Assistants, Junior Lab Assistant etc in Government organizations. For all these positions, they can expect a salary range from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 12,000 as basic pay. Along with salary, employees are also provided with other benefits such as provident fund, DA, TA etc. Salaries in government sector increases with experience and higher educational qualification in the related area. Those who possess master’s degree in Microbiology with years of experience will be promoted to senior job profiles such as Directors of Research Center, Scientist etc. Moreover, government job offers security in job other than jobs in private sector.

Salaries after B Sc Microbiology in Private Institutions

Private organizations offer much higher salaries to Microbiologist when compared with that offered by government organizations. In private sector, a graduate in Microbiology can find job openings in private hospitals, research organizations etc. Openings for Microbiologist also exist in pharmaceutical, food, beverage and chemical industries. An entry-level candidate with a graduate degree in Microbiology can expect an average salary ranging from Rs. 12000/- to Rs. 16000/-. Better compensation packages are offered to employees as they gain more experience in this area.

Remuneration after B Sc Microbiology in Private Practice in India and Abroad

Microbiologist can shape a good career path in India as well as abroad. International Companies offers high remuneration to Microbiologist when compared with Indian counterparts. The compensation offered to each candidate depends upon the experience and performance of the individual. Anyway, well-established firms offer better salaries along with other added amenities.



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