Salaries after B.Tech Electrical Engineering


Students who have finished their graduation in engineering field like Electrical can get good remuneration when compared to other degree holders. Subsequent to the completion of their studies, students of B.Tech Electrical can get good jobs in India and abroad. They have reasonable salary range in government jobs like State electricity boards, but in private sector like power plants, they have higher salaries.

The remuneration of the students from this field will vary according their experience as well as skill. The salary of students who have studied from elite institutions like Birla Institute of Technology, Indian Institutes of Technology or the National Institutes of Technology will be marginally higher than that of students who have studied from other institutes.

Salaries after B.Tech Electrical Engineering in Government Organizations

The initial salary of B.Tech Electrical Engineering graduates will be approximately Rs. 10,000 a month in the public sector especially in state electricity boards. Along with experience, salary will also increase and experienced professionals of higher grades in government sector can earn up to a range of Rs 35000 to Rs 50000 each month in addition to the other benefits like gratuity and so on. Some of the well renowned organizations where students can get work are BHEL, A.P.Transco, NTPC and GENCO.

Salaries after B.Tech Electrical Engineering in Private Institutions

B.Tech Electrical students can get lucrative jobs with many pioneer firms in private sector. As a matter of fact, students who have studied electrical engineering have a chance to get very lucrative jobs in the present industry. They can find jobs in sectors like

  • Power plants
  • Electromechanical firms
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Electrical appliance manufacturing
  • Electrical design and consultancy firms

Students who are employed in the private sector will be drawing in salaries from Rs 2.5 lakhs to around Rs 12 lakhs. The pay scale in this field will also depend upon the type of the firm, its location, the work profile and experience of the candidate.

Remuneration after B.Tech Electrical Engineering Abroad

The remuneration of the students of this field will depend upon their educational qualifications. The pay package of graduates of Electrical Engineering is much higher in abroad when compared that to India.  MNC’s in electro mechanical and power plant industry sectors like Everyday, Duracell and Suzlon pay huge salaries especially for B.Tech Electrical engineering students who are absorbed in the Research and Development wing. They are currently in demand in countries like USA, UAE, UK and Germany.



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