Career in IT industry after B.Tech in Electrical Engineering


After leaving the dark period of recession behind, the post recession period is a time for aspirants to try out new jobs with the IT sector. Though the employment opportunities are not as ample as before, the jobs are available nonetheless. This is steadily gaining speed as many eligible aspirants come forward for jobs within the IT sector. Today, the jobs are increasing so is the popularity of the IT field.

Engineering graduates of different field are finding it easier to get jobs inside IT giants. Now, the opportunities are not limited within India, but it is offered by many major multinational firms overseas too. Details on the employment opportunities available for a B.Tech in Electronic engineering student are described below.

The Career Opportunities

The career opportunities that are at hand for aspirants of B.Tech electronic engineering with the IT industry are quite a handful. The job opportunities range from managerial jobs within various outsourcing projects that are launched by the IT firms to the job profile of a market analyst. If the aspirant has an additional postgraduate degree in business management, it will be possible for him to get better job openings. There will be absolutely no limitations for that person within this industry. He can get jobs within the Human and Resource Department or even the Accounting & Financial solutions departments of these firms. Students of electrical engineering will get numerous opportunities in these different streams.

What Makes This Field So Attractive?

Students of electronics engineering can get good high profile jobs with top IT firms in India soon after they finish their graduation. One can say that the job prospects available for graduates of electronic engineering are quite good. Good salaries combined with terrific pay packages are the main attractions for a person towards a job offered by the IT industry.

The IT sector is one amongst the 3 main areas where graduates of electrical engineering can get jobs, the other two being the telecommunications and of course the consumer electronics companies. The minimum remuneration offered to a student of electronic engineering ranges in between Rs. 15,000 – Rs.25, 000 a month. The salaries got by aspirants who are working with foreign firms are much higher when opposed to their Indian contemporaries. Aspirants who have done their graduation from well known institutions such as the Birla Institute of Technology and the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) etc will get higher salaries. Good salaries can be expected for students who have accomplished their education from the illustrious National Institutes of Technology (NITs) as well. These students will have the option to command much higher salaries than those individuals who complete their education from other institutions of engineering.



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    binod bhandari:

    i’m studying B.E. in electrical engineering ,and i want to study further and involve in any technological projects or companies .how can i be prepare for this ?please guide me .

  2. 6
    payal das:

    i am doing my second year in electrical and electronics.i want to know job oppurtunities in IT as well as in government jobs.and how to prepare myself from now itself?

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    Im studied in btech third year in electrical and electronics branch. After completing my course what are the job offers in IT sector and which type of courses that i want to learn after btech for the purpose of IT sector. and my agregate is 65%.
    thanking you sir.

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    my brother has done B Tech in electronics n communication but he is a little confused of going in this field.what r the options for him after this ?can he go in soft. field? what course he should do to get in software
    i ll b grateful if u will help me to solve this problem

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    Good morning sir,
    can u suggest me after B Tech what i will do i m totally confuse because my degree is not going to good (60%) so plz sugest me how i manage i think for doing MBA after B Tech
    i m thankful to u if u solve my problem

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    i am now studing bachlor in electrical and communicational engineering but i am totally blank about my future career in this field. I want to do some job in this related field but i could not get any right path for it. so could u please suggest me about my future career. thank you

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    sir i m in the final year of electrical eng.
    i want to enter the merchant navy
    plz tell me how when n where to apply for that.
    and if it is really suitable for me.
    thank you