Salaries after B.Tech in Industrial Biotechnology


Industrial Biotechnology deals with the utilization of biotechnology for various industrial purposes like biomaterials, alternative energy, and manufacturing. The course includes study of topics like Bioprocess Engineering, Genetic Engineering, Bioinformatics, Mass Transfer & Separation, Chemical Reaction Engineering, and so on. This branch of science blends the principles in biology and chemistry for productive developments in the industrial sector. There are many job opportunities in the biotechnology engineering field. These graduates will get attractive remunerations in both private and public sectors based on the experience in the concerned domain.

Salaries after B.Tech in Industrial Biotechnology in Government Organizations

The candidates who have pursued B.Tech in Industrial Biotechnology can have a great career in government research laboratories. A researcher in this field can obtain a monthly salary of Rs. 9000/- in the beginning. These candidates can also seek employment in other government sectors like pharmaceutical firms, agricultural sectors, manufacturing industries, chemical and textile industries, etc. Salaries offered in these firms depend on the qualification of the candidate and the reputation of the institution from where he/she pursued the course. They may get a remuneration that ranges from Rs. 20,000/- to Rs. 25,000/- per month. These graduates can also apply for teaching jobs in government colleges where they may get a starting salary of Rs.20,000/-.

Salaries after B.Tech in Industrial Biotechnology in Private Institutions

There are many companies in private sector that offer career openings to the industrial biotechnologists. Some of the private institutions where these graduates can seek employment are research laboratories, media houses, aquaculture, agro based industries, food processing industries, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

A few career profiles are:-

  • Science Writer
  • Lab Technician
  • Teacher
  • Biotechnologist
  • Research Scientist
  • Qualify Control Officer
  • Research Associate
  • Sales Representative

Some of the top companies that provide job opportunities to these graduates are Hindustan Antibiotics, Biocon India Ltd., Indo American Hybrid Seeds, Thapar Group, IDPL, Hindustan Lever, etc.

The graduates in this field who are working as trainees in the private sector can earn a monthly salary of Rs. 15,000/- in the beginning. In corporate sector, they may get a starting salary that ranges from Rs.70,000/- to Rs.85,000/- per annum. As they gain experience in this field, they can earn a 6 digit salary in future.

Remuneration after B.Tech in Industrial Biotechnology Abroad

The application of Industrial Biotechnology is increasing in the present era. Thus, there are great opportunities for Industrial Biotechnologists all around the world. These graduates can seek employment in agriculture oriented firms, pharmaceutical firms, and research laboratories abroad.  In these organizations, they can obtain a remuneration of Rs. 3 lakhs per month. For getting more salary, the candidates have to apply to these companies after gaining enough experience in the concerned domain.



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