Scope after Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch)


B.Arch is a particular branch of study that deals with the planning and designing of various types of buildings and their structures. The career opportunities for these architects are very high due to the boom in the infrastructure sector. It is a competitive field that includes various types of work. This field covers various works like

  • Spatial design
  • Aesthetics
  • Safety management
  • Material management and so on

The architect must work according to the requirements of their clients. They take over the responsibility of planning, designing, and construction supervision of buildings. The different types of buildings include houses, landscapes, office buildings, etc. The architect must be an integration of artist, professional and businessman. If they are talented, experienced and hard working they can definitely target high positions in their career.

Scope for Higher Studies after B.Arch

Many higher study options are there for the B.Arch graduates. These graduates can apply for CEED, which is the qualifying exam for higher study in design, during the final year itself. This also provides scholarship. Another option is the Master’s degree in architecture. The graduates who have completed their B.Arch can join for this. The best option for higher study after B.Arch is the Master of design. It has many career opportunities. There are many institutes in India which offers this course. The admission to this course is based on the CEED score, design aptitude score and interview. Some of the higher study options after B.Arch are

  • Postgraduate Diploma Programme in Design (PGDPD)
  • Master of Technology in Urban and Regional Planning (M.Tech. - URP)
  • Master of Technology in Housing (M.Tech. - HSG)
  • Master of Technology in Environmental Planning (M.Tech – EP)
  • Master of Technology in Infrastructure Planning (M.Tech – IP)
  • Master of Technology in Construction of Project Management (M.Tech - CPM)

Other Certification Courses after B.Arch

  • Short-Term Course on Green Architecture and Carbon-Free Living
  • Advance training in Building Science,
  • Advance training in Application of Computer Techniques in Architectural design Simulation
  • Advance training in Presentation Graphics and Construction Technology
  • Heritage Studies and Conservation
  • Visual and Graphic Design
  • Computer Applications in Architecture and Planning
  • GIS and Multimedia Applications

Career Opportunities after B.Arch

The career opportunities for these graduates are high at present. These graduates can work as independent professionals or can take up jobs in Government or private sectors. Teaching in this field is also another option for the pleasant career. Anyone who had successfully completed B.Arch can register with COA. This can be done through agencies like CPWD. UPSC organizes examinations for these registered candidates to recruit them in various departments.

The pay packages for these professionals are increasing due to the demand for them in the construction and designing fields. The remuneration given for the skilled professionals in private sector is higher compared to others. An experienced professional can earn up to Rs.2 lakh to Rs.5 lakh per annum and the fresher can earn from Rs.1 lakh to Rs.1.5 lakh per annum.



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