Difference between B.Arch and B.Planning


The study of B.Arch involves the basic to the most advanced things of architecture. An architect is basically a professional who deals with the design and construction of buildings. His job requires a great accuracy as even a small variation in his design can lead to complex situations. As the situations are becoming worse with the limited spaces for construction, the architects are expected to possess good technical skills to overcome such problems.

The study of B.Planning deals with ultimate planning techniques. A planner deals with the planning that is a must for certain human settlements. Planning is an ultimate thing for the success of any event and that shows the significance of a planner. The working areas include metropolitan cities as well as small congested towns, cities & also villages.

B.Arch and opportunities

In today’s economy, the role of an architect is becoming very important. There are equal opportunities in the government sector as well as private sector undertakings. Once they complete their course they will be granted a professional license and with that they can practice independently. They have also an option to go for higher studies like PG course in design which will enhance their qualification. Many national as well as multinational firms are emerging which will need the service of an eligible architect .There are also a lot of job opportunities awaiting them abroad.

B.Planning and opportunities

They can go for higher studies once they complete this course so as to improve their academic qualification and the scope of job opportunities. They can take the master’s degree with specializations including

  • Housing
  • Landscape architecture
  • Transport planning
  • Architectural conservation
  • Environmental planning
  • Urban design

They also have job opportunities in both public and private sector undertakings or else they can practice independently. There is a lot of demand for planners in abroad also.

Key difference between B.Arch and B.Planning

The duration of course is different for B.Arch and B.Planning. B.Arch is of 5 year duration where as B.Planning is a 4 year program. The work nature is different for both B.Arch graduate and B.Planning graduates. The salary packages will be different for a B.Arch graduate and B.Planning graduate. The work pressure also varies for both professions.



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    Priyanka Devhare:

    I am interested in music.what should can i do in ths field ?

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    Which is better option B.E orB.ARCH,B.PLANNING? My daughter in studying +2. I want to know the admission iits/niit PLEASE Reply at [email protected]

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    Which is better option B.ARCH or B.PLANNING ?
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    Which is better option B.ARCH or B.PLANNING ?
    Which has better placements and less work pressure? Please reply at [email protected].

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    what is the placement record in NIT’s and SPA ? please inform package’s also.

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    i want to know the admission procedure for B.Planning after passing HSC Sci. with math my son has got 51% in HSC will he be eligible for admission in B.Planning and scope of b.planning