Admission to B.Arch through NATA Exam


Aspirants who want to join Bachelor of Architecture course should qualify the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) along with the engineering entrance examination. Most of the engineering institutes offering architecture course prefer NATA score. NATA gives emphasis on the architectural skills in the candidates rather than theoretical knowledge.

Pattern of NATA exam

This exam primarily tests the creative aptitude of the candidates to pursue the architecture course. The exam is conducted in two parts that is Drawing Test and Aesthetic Sensitivity Test. The skills which are assessed in both of these tests are given below.

Drawing Test

In this test, candidates are required to sketch the given object proportionately according to the specified instructions. The whole work should be done in a visually appealing manner. They are also required to form a structure from the given three dimensional elements. Certain shapes and forms will be given to the candidates so as to create two dimensional compositions from that.

There will be questions on perspective drawing so as to testify the drawing skills of the candidates. Also, a theme will be given on the spot and the candidates are required to elaborate that theme using pencil sketch. Another aspect which is tested during this test is the ability to create visual harmony with the given colors. The candidates should take care of the shadow cast while creating the drawings. They should have good understanding about the scale and proportion required to draw each picture.

The main aim of this drawing test is to test the drawing and observation skills of the candidates. The sense of proportion is also assessed through this test. The architecture course is only suitable for the candidates who possess all these basic skills. Therefore this test is very crucial to identify the real talents in architecture.

Aesthetic Sensitivity Test

This is an online test comprising of only multiple choice questions. The picture of two dimensional objects will be given during this test. The candidates should visualize three dimensional objects from it. Another type of question is that the candidates are required to identify the objects according to their texture. Certain questions will be there from analytical reasoning and mental ability.

Imaginative comprehension and expression is the another area which testify the imaginative skills of the candidates. Also, there will be questions on architectural awareness. Aesthetic Sensitivity Test paves way to understand the visual perceptive skills of the candidates who aspire to pursue the architecture course. Also, this test measures the creative aptitude of the aspirants. The basic need of this test is to identify the architectural skills in the candidates.



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    swapan paul:

    Sir, my nata score 2013 is 102/200,and wb/hsc percentage is 74.Now how can I process for admission into a good nata college? Is it possible to apply online? Which colleges are suitable for me according to my score? Is 102/200 a good score? Please reply.

  2. 5
    angela gupta:

    I have got 97/200 in NATA and 56% in boards. Please tell me which college can I get with these marks for b.arch .I want to know it urgently because if I am not getting a good college for b.arch in delhi then I have to apply for engineering.

  3. 4
    shivani sharma:

    I gt 111marks in nata n 80mrks in phy n maths n 83 mrks in chem so cn uplz tell m d name of colleges fr which m eligibl

  4. 3

    My Son has scored 88 marks in NATA and 81.6% in 12th Board Exam. He wants to take admission in B.Arch in BIT Mesra. Is he eligible for this. what is the process of admission ? Please mail.


  5. 2
    gunjan chandel:

    I want the name of best coaching centre in MP

  6. 1

    draw the scene of a man sitting on an elephant in a large hall with one circular opening roof