Difference between Architecture and Civil Engineering


Architecture and Civil Engineering is concerned with the process of designing and creation of buildings, house etc. As to be very precise, architects are professionals who mostly deal with the visualization, drawings and blueprints of a building. They are more into space utilization. As for a civil engineer, direct field job is required. He has to go to the construction site and make available and supervise the entire work.

Architecture Engineering courses and its scope

Architecture is for the most part putting into practice of different designs for new structures with an artistic point of view. An Architect is a person who conceptualizes these drawings and provides a practical and functional design as to make the structure a reality. Architects have the basic knowledge of structural technicalities. The architecture engineering teaches candidates different materials, technology and techniques which are necessary to construct the building. To become an architect a candidate needs to do Bachelors in Architecture (B. Arch).

To practice a degree course in architecture, candidates need to qualify in examinations like NATA, AIEEE or other university level entrance exams. Masters degree course are also available in this the field of architecture. For practicing architecture as a profession, a candidate needs to register with the Council of Architecture.

Civil Engineering courses and its scope

Civil engineering is one of the oldest professions in the field of engineering. It involves planning, designing, and implementing of structural works. Civil Engineering deals with design, construction and maintenance and mathematical aspects of naturally built and man-made structures. To become a civil engineer a student has to go through B.Tech in civil engineering.

The Bachelors course is of 4 year duration. There are many entrance exams which one has to qualify for joining these courses. They are IIT JEE, AIEEE and other university level entrance examinations. There are huge job opportunities for civil engineers in private and government undertakings. After completing B.Tech students can go for M.Tech and get their specialization in structural engineering, hydraulics and transportation engineering.

Key Differentiators

Architecture is the imagination of designs of building, in the mean time Civil engineering focus on originality and practicality of that design. The Civil Engineers, to a certain extent deliberate and arrange the tactics to construct the design. Architects need the help of engineers who formulate the designs and the Civil engineers needs the guidance from architects on the outlines and dimensions. A good engineer-architect association is very important to have a well-organized, superiority project result.



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    lipsa sahoo:

    what are the oppertunities in the field of civil engg. for girls for continuing batch in 7th sem?

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    could I do architectural engineering after completion of diplomo in civil engineering?
    How many years for B-arch after completion of diplomo in civil engineering?

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    is it necessary to get entrance examination for getting b.arch.
    Will u pls suggest me an other way to get b.arch,without entrance examination.

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    sir,i’m going to finish BE civil engi now…i want to know the requirement of engi (freshers)in other countries like usa and uk..if more means what i want to do now..plz guide me

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    Saim Ashfaq Momin:

    After B Arch, Whether I can do M Tech/ M E Civil ?

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    I , The abhishek wants to ask that can the architectural assistantship reach upto architecture engineer , or not… im so confused .. i had just recently qualified tha cet exams. and want to do architectural engineer but as per perfoma it is written as architectural assistantship… so if u can help i will be great helpful to you

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    i m now doing diploma in civil engineering. shall i appear fo nata at third year of diploma course. is it possible for me to appear for maharashtra architecture cet at the same time. I like to ask u that is it ok for admission for B Arch or B Arch Iterior Design A 5 yr. course. thanks

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    sanjay kumar rajak:

    I am Sanjay Kumar Rajak want to job in architect. Recently I am in complete the qualification High school Done in 2005in 60%,10+2 Done in Sanskrit board Bhopal Done in 2008 in 48%,ITI(Architicet Asstiant) Done in 2009 in 64.44%,DCA(Diploma in computer application) Done in 2007 in 67%,DAMPM (Diploma in advance mobile phone maintenance) in “B+” grad, 3D max Done in 2009in Prasad Consultante,Work Experience in chavi Cultural heritage values of India As a Draftsman from 01.06.2010 to 30.08.2010 , Prasad Consultants As a 3d max Designing from 19.08.2009 to 30.05.2010. Om Sai engineering Construction as a Junior Engineer. I am belongs to sc cast and language now English, Hindi, Bhojpuri. I am medically fit so I have a request in how many other entrance Exams. Thank you
    ples contact me: 08085720209, 09009263737
    Sanjay Kumar Rajak
    Email id= sanjaya_ [email protected]

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    Raju sah:

    hlw sir,I want to study engeering but i have not decided yet what to do.I want to know the rate of ur university what is the monthly charge for every engeering and also i’m from nepal so how much money i ve to pay for donation.plz sir inform me plz sir bye.

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    i have got 192.25 in hsc. what are the colleges i could try in chennai

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    am confused about my career so plz give me information about civil engineering

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    Tanuj Sharma:

    Sir,I Am doing Diploma In Architectural Engineering From The Institution Of Civil Engineers (india).after complited this diploma can i get lateral entry in B.arch?give ans.