Suggested tips to crack IIT JEE Exam


IIT JEE is an extremely competitive examination. Students must put in a lot of effort to crack this exam. First and foremost thing will be to understand the structure and pattern of this exam so that they can prepare accordingly.  Article briefly discusses on a few tips to crack this competitive national level exam.

Structure and Pattern of IIT JEE

The test comprises of two papers. Duration of each paper is 3 hours. The first paper will consist of objective type questions, single choice type questions, paragraph type questions and also integer type questions. The paper will have questions from Physics, Chemistry and also Mathematics. There will be 28 questions from each section and will carry 3 marks each thus making the total marks for this paper  as 252.

The second paper also consists of questions from Physics, Chemistry and also Mathematics. But the type and number of questions will vary. This paper includes single choice type questions, integer type, paragraph type and matrix type questions. The total marks for this paper is 237.

Tips to crack IIT JEE

Aspirants must be well prepared to crack this highly competitive exam. In single choice type questions students must be sure about the right answer. So they must be thorough with the topics covered in the two papers. In multiple choice type questions, each question may have one or more right answers. Hence we must be careful while choosing the right answers. They must practice similar questions at home by referring to previous question papers and also by going through standard text books.

They can expect questions from the plus one and plus two level syllabus. So they can refer text books apart from the competitive guides for this exam. To crack the matrix type questions one should have good innovative thinking so as to interpret and solve them. Integer type questions will be the most time consuming and one must focus on time management while practicing these questions.

The questions from Chemistry will be mainly from Physical, Organic and also Inorganic Chemistry. Most of the questions are based around the fundamental concepts. So they must be clear about the basics of each subject area. They must refer text books like General Chemistry, IIT Chemistry etc to get basic idea of this subject.

To crack the Mathematics section, one should develop good problem solving skills. They must be thorough with all formulae and mathematical equations. Major share of the questions will be from Trigonometry. Calculus and Vectors are yet other areas to be focused while preparing for Mathematics section. They must refer text books like Problems in Calculus of One Variable by I.A. Maron and S.L. Loni’s Plane Trigonometry.

The majority of questions in Physics paper will be from Electricity and Magnetism. There will be a lot of questions that require mathematical calculations. One should refer books like The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Problems in General Physics etc.

They must set up a good time table giving separate time allotment for each unit. They should select an appropriate place for study that gives them good peace of mind. They must keep a small booklet for noting down the key points which can act as a quick reference during the time of revision.



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